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DIT Accommodation

For your information, DIT Financial Aid & Accommodation has organised a block-booking of bed spaces for student accommodation for Academic Year 2018/19 – inDublin Institute of Technology suitable locations, as we did last year.  Spaces are reserved until early September, particularly for the benefit of  students who are new to DIT but,  given the difficulty in securing accommodation in Dublin, please urge students to book early.


Full details are available at http://www.dit.ie/accommodation – by clicking on the map you can find exact locations and names of providers.


There is also a link to DIT Studentpad – the accommodation online database is a one-stop-shop for all DIT students seeking student accommodation.  The database can only be accessed by staff and students of DIT but if you have any queries please contact John Shaughnessy 01 220 5080.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us in the DIT Financial Aid & Accommodation department at the following numbers:

01 220 5080

01 220 5066

01 220 5017

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