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Careers and Education News is a service designed to assist those involved in helping people make a career choice.  The site provides a unique service to students and guidance counsellors at all levels in that it brings together all the latest careers and education news in one place.  The Careers News service is leading the way in how technology is transforming the practice of managing information in the area of careers.

What do we do?

  • The site is a filtered news channel, bringing together a wide range of education and careers information.
  • The collection of news items is providing a Careers Education Noticeboard.
  • It provides information on many issues, including career trends, what is happening in industry, the latest thinking in education and a variety of other topics.
  • The service allows people keep up-to-date without spending time researching the material.
  • News items are posted on the site as they become available.
  • A Newsletter listing new topics of information is dispatched every morning to all members on the mailing list (about 14,00)
  • The site hosts lots of information on a wide range of guidance and educational materials. The target group are guidance counsellors and students and in many cases the content is now being used in Careers classes

Site Traffic Statistics for 12 months up to May 20

Unique Visitors :- 987,358 | Pages views :- 8,478,258 | Hits :- 19,837,571

To get your message delivered quickly and cost effectively, an advert on Career News will get to those who are in the front line in assisting young people through their career decision process.

Advert Details (Ad types)

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Size :- 300 x 250px, Location :- Right side of site

Long term adds are less expensive and also feature in all your posts. Details on request.

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News Articles

There is no charge for articles. The article could be relatively short (100 words or less) and include a link back to your own site if possible.

Request for Advertising Information 

For further information please contact us directly at:-  Phone 059 914 6436, Mobile 086 805 3907, Email  [email protected]

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