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Labour Market in Ireland2017-09-20T14:18:06+00:00

MechanicThis section is a list of sources of information on Labour Market in Ireland.

Labour Market information Central Statistics Office

Business Sectors – IBEC site

Young people – education and employment patterns – Eurostat

Free education and training projects  long-term jobseekers

Download Future Skills Power point Presentation

Employment by occupation – trends and outlook
This site provides information on employment trends and the employment outlook for various occupations. It also provides information on other characteristics of those employed in each occupation – their age, gender, whether they are typically self-employed or employees, and whether they are typically working full-time or part-time.

Future Skills Needs
It has a central role in ensuring that labour market needs for skilled workers are anticipated and met.


Some articles on the subject of jobs.

Links to Labour Market sources

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