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Children from Ukraine

This page will bring together some of the resources designed to help teachers deal with children from Ukraine that may come to their schools.

  1. Morning Publishing House provides children’s books in electronic format for FREE! that you can download and be able to read with your children even without internet access!
  2. On the Telegram channel of Pavlusha and Java you can download audio shows that will also be available without the Internet.
  3. Another Telegram-channel with audio trailers in Ukrainian: All audio trailers can be downloaded and listened to without connection.
  4. Yakaboo opened free access to audio- and e-books in their mobile app.
  5. Нова Українська Школа has organized a series of cognitive online meetings with teachers. Meeting schedule updated daily.
  6. Free access to cartoons, movies and audio shows MEGOGO

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Hello and welcome to the Maths Week Ireland website.
Привіт і ласкаво просимо на веб-сайт Тижня Математики Ірландії.

Here you can find many activities and puzzles.
Тут ви можете знайти безліч вправ і головоломок.

Maths week Ireland is an all-Island festival that promotes positive attitudes towards maths for all. It is the leading festival of its kind in the world. Events and activities are taking place all across the island, in schools and online. There are events for all ages and abilities, including pre-school, school, families and adults.

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  1. Ministry of University and Research (MUR) – Support measures for the Ukrainian emergency – Link
  2. CIMEA online webinar: UKRAINE: university education system and academic qualifications 10 March 2022 – Materials
  3. DOC CIMEA 136 - UKRAINE - Higher education system and academic qualifications
    Summary document of the Ukrainian system and its qualifications available at the following Link.
  4. Ukrainian Qualifications Database – Link
    Database containing more than 300 examples of Ukrainian higher education qualifications. The database has been developed in cooperation with ENIC Ukraine, in the framework of the Erasmus+ co-funded project “SCAN-D - Samples & Copies of Academic National Diploma”, 
  5. Saveschools
    This site, administered by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, provides the latest information updated in real time on the number of damaged or completely destroyed institutions, detailing the specific geographical area of Ukraine in which they operated.
  6. DG EAC online Webinar: Online Training for Fast-track Recognition of Ukrainian Academic Qualifications
    The webinar "Online Training for Fast-track Recognition of Ukrainian Academic Qualifications" was held on 6 April 2022 at 10:30-12:00 CEST.

To download the agenda of the webinar click here.

Video recording from the Webinar “Online Training for Fast-track Recognition of Ukrainian Academic Qualifications”

Please find below the presentations of the speakers of the webinar:

  • Valentyna KRASNOSHCHOK, Credential Evaluation Advisor at ENIC Ukraine - Link
  • Kateryna SUPRUN, Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, Ukrainian representative in the Bologna Follow-Up Group - Link
  • Laura DIRVONSKYTE, Senior Credential Evaluator of CIMEA, Italy - Link

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Ukraine: Commission presents guidance to help people fleeing war access jobs, training and adult learning

The guidance covers both people eligible for temporary protection under the Temporary Protection Directive as well as those eligible for adequate protection under national law.

Helping people fleeing Russia’s war to access jobs, training and more - Guidance for Member States #StandwithUkraine - European Commission

Since the beginning of Russia's unprovoked war against Ukraine and its civilians, over 7 million people have fled Ukraine and reached the EU. So far, only a relatively small number of those of working age have entered the EU labour market, though the number of people wanting to do so is expected to rise.

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In light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, many schools across the country will be supporting Ukrainian families and pupils as they arrive in Ireland. We have collated some useful resources for members here.

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  1. Not all refugee students are the same, so holistic approaches to support them academically, socially, emotionally and physically are best
  2. Informal learning opportunities can provide needed stress reduction and enjoyment
  3. Collaborations between schools and refugee agencies and social services can help teachers support refugee students more effectively and provide refugee families with comprehensive services

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  1. Qualifax has an extensive range of help items on the site.

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    2. If you are a Ukrainian citizen or if you are fleeing Ukraine, the Irish Government will help you when you arrive in Ireland.

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  1. This tool is intended for persons and organisations in the EU who work with refugees.
    It helps to map the skills, qualifications and work experiences of third country nationals and to give them personalised advice on further steps, e.g., a referral to recognition of diplomas, skills validation, further training or employment support services. 

EU Skills Profile for Third Country Nationals

A Ukrainian language version is available.

2. This provides an overview of career guidance provision in Ukraine pp.54-61 prior to the Russian invasion

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3. This provides examples of innovation in the provision of career guidance in Ukraine pp. 73-87 prior to the Russian invasion

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4.  A useful description of the existing structure of education and TVET and the recent challenges that faced them prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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5. A description of the challenges facing the education system in Ukraine, prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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6. Describes some UNICEF initiatives in Ukraine, especially for children with disabilities.

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7. Wikipedia has a very useful overview of the education system that also needs to be checked against other verifiable accounts.

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  1. The ETF Resource Hub contains information education and work in two sections, one for Ukrainian citizens - also available in in Ukrainian- and one for EU member state authorities, schools / colleges / universities, and employers in the EU.
  2. The section for people fleeing Ukraine provides information on accessing and continuing education and training, for different types and levels of education, including general education, VET, Higher education, upskilling and reskilling and language training. On Job Search there are links to European, Member States and other host country online databases of vacancies, and EU tools to make skills and qualifications visible, which are being translated into Ukrainian. On recognition there is an explanation on when people would need recognition and how they can get recognition and what to do if they have no access to their documents. This includes a reference to the ENIC NARIC network and other information.
  3. The information for EU member states section contains information on the education system, and links to qualifications, occupational and educational standards, programmes and databases of credentials that have been issued, accredited providers and registered teachers, and information on the labour market and migration in Ukraine.

The Resource hub welcomes especially more links on specific information aimed at Ukrainian learners and vacancies, and invites comments for improvement or additional information.

NARIC Ireland Foreign Qualifications

NARIC Ireland provides advice on the academic recognition of a foreign qualification by comparing it, where possible, to a major award type and level on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). A comparability statement for each qualification listed is available for download.

A centralized gateway for learning and teaching

Launched on 1. June 2022, in partnership with the European EdTech Alliance e.V. and the Learning Together Project, the New Ukrainian School Hub acts as a free, hub of information, resources, and knowledge for Ukrainian refugees no matter where they are. The hub provides access to supplemental edtech solutions and to Ukrainiann online learning platforms. Additionally, the hub provices direct access to relevant country specific or local education access information.

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This is a list of other pieces on Ukraine on this website.

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