computer_graphicComputing at Third Level

Computing at university level is a creative and wide-ranging subject. It’s about using sound underlying principles and clear logical thinking to design and build systems that really work.  A Computing degree gives you the opportunity to learn how modern computer and communication systems work, how they can be made to work better in future, and how they can be used to build the next generation of computing applications.

You will study many topics that are very new to you and for this reason it is a good practice to do a lot of research before you choose the course. The drop-out rate in Computing courses is higher than the average but insufficient prior research is likely to be the main cause.


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This section gives you a description of the main topics taught in Third Level Computing courses.

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This is a little test to help you see how well prepared you are for that Course in Third Level.

Is a Computer Science Course for you?  Some very helpful videos to get you doing some programming on your own – try them out before you decide.

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Computer Aptitude Tests

These tests are designed to measure your aptitude for working with computers. This means that it will show how well you can follow instructions, obey rules and procedures, and solve problems. It has nothing to do with how much you know about computers, so if you’re new to them, don’t worry! You might still do very well on this test.

Even if you don’t score as high as you would have liked, that doesn’t mean that you are incapable of using a computer or even working in the computer field—only that you’ll probably have to work harder at it than someone who scores higher.

A Computer Programming Aptitude Test Test takes 30 mins. Gives all the work out so you can see how they arrived at the answer
B WisIQ Computer Aptitude Test Five questions and you get the result if you register- free.
C ExpertRating Computer Aptitude Test The computer aptitude test is specially designed to measure an individual’s aptitude for computer programming. Costs $9.99 for test.  35 Questions and takes about 45 mins.
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