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Tips for making the best use of Careers and Education News

For the busy Guidance Counsellor, the best way to use the site is to have all your senior cycle students signed up for the daily Newsletter.  This will keep them fully up to speed with the latest news and it means that you can refer to articles in class without printouts or overheads.  Where this practice is in operation it saves time and effort by giving instant access to a regular stream of new material for class use, no preparation needed.  The most up-to-date news is always available on the site.

  • News – keep up to date – sign up for the Newsletter. Look for the Icon on the top left hand corner or click here ...  Getting your students signed up will keep them informed daily.
  • Articles – are published daily. Articles are categorised and others can easily be found by clicking the relevant category under the particular article.  This brings up a list of all items in that category, as indicated in the graphic underneath.
  • Functions in Articles – all articles can be sent to Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The last two icons allow you to Email the article to someone or print it.
  • Resources – for the Guidance Counsellor
  • Links - the site has hundreds of links, broken down by over 80 categories. These can be found in several areas in the top menu, Student Resources, College Videos, Learning to Learn, Apprenticeships and others.
  • Guidance Materials - are in the Guidance Resources section and consist of material provided by other Guidance Counsellors. This will save you time in class preparation
  • Keeping in touch – new items arrive daily and the easiest way to keep up is to get the Newsletter, which is distributed daily except during school holidays when it is once a week.
  • Students – much of the news material is directly relevant to students in the senior cycle. The best way to get the information to them is to have them sign up for the newsletter.  They will get the newsletter on their mobiles and can read the articles directly.
  • Data feed to your website – we can provide you with a direct data feed to your own website. This means that your site will always have a live list of the latest articles as they go on the Careers News site.  Contact us for details.
  • Computer Terms – The site has the only dictionary of computing terms designed for the Irish education system. If any students are planning on taking a course in computing or related areas, they will find very valuable information here.  After reading the prospectus, this section is essential in their course research.  About 200 terms are explained here with links to further information in all cases.  These terms come from the listing of course content in college prospectuses, but this is the only place where you can find the explanations.  Not understanding technical terms in the prospectuses is one of the factors contributing to later dropout in large numbers. See this section here ...
  • Student Check List – The link to this is on the home page. For students, this is an essential checklist that they should work with.  They are given a list of checks they should do for every course listed on their CAO or other application forms.   This has proven extremely popular and is one of the most widely used documents on the site. There are a number of other similar checklists in preparation at the moment. See this section here ...
  • Abbreviations – Throughout articles many abbreviations will occur. To assist the young reader, explanations of these are provided on the site.  Where a term is explained, you will see it as a web link (Red) and that takes you to a simple explanation of the term plus links for more information.  New terms are added as they occur.
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