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What the Graduates did

You will have read lots of information on the details of courses, but one question often remains to be answered - what the graduates did?

We know that most graduates get employment but many go on to postgrad studies. The latest figures have 80% working and 13% going on to further study. (HEA 2018 Data)

Graduate Outcomes: Data & Reports - HEA

The Graduate Outcomes Survey is a national survey distributed to all graduates of higher education institutions (HEIs), nine months after graduation.  The outputs of this nationwide survey highlight the current constraints or demands on new graduates, and give a picture of what graduates are doing in their early stage careers.

Each year, detailed outcomes are given for undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as international graduates.  Earnings analyses are also provided and each report contains a particular focus on an area of topical interest.  Furthermore, detailed Info-bytes dig down deeper into the Graduate Outcomes Survey dataset, demonstrating the breadth of insight the Survey provides.

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This section will give you some insight into what graduates did in the various Colleges. There is more information available in Qualifax. In the course details screen scroll down to the section on Careers or Further Progression to see information specific to that course.

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