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Spatial Planning and Environmental Management at DIT

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A Combined Programme in Spatial Planning and Environmental Management at DIT
The BSc in Spatial Planning and Environmental Management (DT106), a combined programme delivered by DIT Environment & Planning, is well worth thinking about.
With a common first year programme, in year 2 they can choose between the streams.  Year 4 allows full specialisation in their chosen field, including the completion of a dissertation.
The common modules for all students include subjects like: Earth Sciences, Society and Environment, Settlement Analysis, Research methods, European Field Trip and Dissertation.    Those wishing to specialise in Environmental Management will take subjects like: Rural management plans, Environmental fieldwork, Climate systems, Conservation management and River basin management.  Or they could take the Spatial Planning stream, studying modules such as: Urban Design, Local Area Plans, Society and governance, Heritage appraisal and Development management.
The programme is also highly internationalised.  Students can go on Erasmus exchanges to: Dundee (Scotland), HCU Hafencity (Germany), TU Dortmund (Germany), Tampere (Finland), Lyon (France) and many others.  DIT Environment & Planning has education partnerships with the National University of Lesotho and the Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology, where the DT106 programme is being delivered by DIT Environment & Planning lecturing staff in English to Chinese students.
Learn more about how the DT106 programme works in this short presentation. Check out day-to-day life at DIT Environment & Planning on Facebook and Twitter.  Or contact us directly at: [email protected]

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