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Occupational Apprenticeships

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Occupational Apprenticeships - ​Over 20 new occupational apprenticeships have been proposedApprenticeship by the Apprenticeship Council and are currently being developed.  These new apprenticeships will be:

  • Industry led
  • Two years duration as a minimum
  • Learning that alternates between a workplace and an educational or training institute
  • A minimum of 50% on the job training
  • Part of formal Education and Training
  • Apprentices are employed and paid under a Contract of Apprenticeship
  • Substantial in depth and duration, in order to prepare Apprentices to work autonomously and competently in a specific occupation

These new apprenticeships are due to come on stream throughout 2016-2017.

Three of these new apprenticeships have been launched.

  1. Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship ​
  2. Industrial Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship
  3. Polymer Apprenticeship

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