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AI Guidance for Schools Toolkit

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AI Guidance for Schools Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help education authorities, school leaders, and teachers create thoughtful guidance to help their communities realize the potential benefits of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) in primary and secondary education while understanding and mitigating the potential risks. 


Potential benefits of using AI in education include

  • Content development and differentiation; 
  • Assessment design and timely, effective feedback;
  • Tutoring and personalized learning assistance;
  • Aiding creativity, collaboration, and skill development;
  • Operational and administrative efficiency.


Potential risks involved in using AI in education include

  • Plagiarism and academic dishonesty;
  • Perpetuating societal biases;
  • Compromised student privacy and unauthorized data collection;
  • Diminished student and teacher agency and accountability;
  • Overreliance on technology and less critical thinking.

With guidance, an education system may realize the potential benefits of AI to improve learning outcomes, support teacher instruction and quality of life, and enhance educational equity.

Without guidance, teachers and students can be exposed to privacy violations, inconsistent disciplinary consequences, and counterproductive AI adoption practices.

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