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Camara Education Ireland supporting educators to use technology

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Camara Education Ireland supporting educators to use technologyCamara Education

Camara Education Ireland supports educators to use technology to inspire young people in all learning spaces.



We have three core areas of focus: Schools, TechSpace and Hardware.

For further information about our services and the products we offer, check out our website


We aim to support education organisations to make informed decisions about technology integration and help ensure this integration is effective through staff training and support.

We run in-person, on-site school training sessions, as well as EPV approved summer courses in the following areas:

  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Leadership training and support
  • G Suite training for staff

Feedback from Teachers


‘Overall I felt it was a very well delivered course and all of the content and delivery was well timed, interesting and informative.’ Secondary teacher, Galway


‘Great tips given and I can see how it can be applied to a class setting.’ Primary teacher, Portlaoise



Is gluaiseacht náisiúnta é TechSpace a chuireann deiseanna ar fáil do dhaoine óga a bheith cruthaitheach agus úsáid á baint acu as an teicneolaíocht.

We design and deliver training, activities, resources, and opportunities through English and Irish for youth workers, teachers, and volunteers in STEAM and digital creativity.


We supply refurbished desktops, laptops and PCs as well as new and refurbished Chromebooks. We also supply STEAM and Digital Media Boxes, which provide out of the box hardware and activities to help educators spend more time hands-on with resources and less time looking for them.

Upcoming events

Applied Digital Skills

‘Our trusted curriculum teaches the digital skills students need to succeed in the classroom and on the job, from researching to analyzing data.’


Google’s Applied Digital Skills platform and curriculum provides a fantastic opportunity for secondary schools to provide worthwhile and engaging project-based work that helps students develop their digital, collaborative, critical and creative thinking skills. Examples of projects included on the platform are:

  • Pick the Next Box Office Hit. Act as a movie producer to analyze movie data trends to pick the next box office hit
  • Create an Editing Tool with Programming. Learn basic coding concepts and create an automated editing program that will help improve a writing assignment.

The platform provides a structure for teachers to add students to class groups and allow students to watch video content that guides them through activities, alongside teacher guidance and instruction. The content and skills are aimed at secondary level students and may be filtered and chosen based on age, application and subject area.

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