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Artificial Intelligence Engineering

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Rising Tide of Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest revolutions that is bringing in technological advancements. Humans are worried that intelligent machines will replace their jobs. It is a myth. Automation is creating jobs and will be creating space for those who are innovative and can work in a team.

With the advent of AI, the need for skilled AI engineers is increasing. They know how to change the world through automation. AI is creating a strong impact on the lives of many.

Fact Alert

As shown in the infographic, the demand for AI skills is raging fire in countries such as the United States, China, India, Israel, and Germany. These countries have a plethora of talented engineers who can make it big in the industry.

Several organizations are planning on becoming AI enhanced. 40% of organizations say that they have further added jobs which result in AI deployment within businesses. Although 2018 was a year for artificial intelligence, 2019 is predicted to have a major impact.

Who is an AI engineer?

An AI engineer is an expert professional who can handle tasks related to intelligence problems and technologies. One with such proficiency have skills in data engineering, data science, and software development. An artificial intelligence engineer works closely with data scientists, data architects, and data analysts to ensure that the alignment between business objective and the analytics back-end is well structured.

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Rising Tide Of Artificial Intelligence Engineers In 2019


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