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Sustainable and Resilient Agri-Food Sector

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Sustainable and Resilient Agri-Food Sector


Policies for a sustainable and resilient agri-food sector

The OECD’s latest Agriculture and Food Policy Reviews zoom in on the national context of Spain and the Netherlands. These reviews use the latest data and indicators to assess each country's policies and innovations, looking specifically at sustainable productivity growth. Discover recommendations for reforms that will contribute to a more environmentally friendly future of food production!



Transforming food systems by addressing evidence gaps

Towards a taxonomy of agri-environmental regulations (cover)

The need to transform food systems is widely recognised, but effective actions require substantial evidence. Our recent paper stresses the lack of sufficient evidence and identifies pragmatic approaches to overcome evidence gaps through in-depth studies on food insecurity, gender dynamics, and environmental impacts.

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The future of remote audits for international food safety

While remote audits allowed for the continuation of international food trade during COVID-19, their relevance for the future is still an open question. Drawing on case studies and an OECD survey, our report delves into the advantages and disadvantages of remote audits.

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Communicating environmental impact through assurance schemes


What are the impact of assurance schemes - like certifications and labels - on consumers' shopping behaviours? This recent paper suggests ways to enhance existing and new schemes, including the emerging trend of labels focusing on environmental impacts, while assessing the current landscape of these schemes, their influence on consumer behaviour, and and how they are impacting farms.

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