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Renewable Energy to Power the World in a Decade

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Renewable Energy to Power the World in a Decade

Electricity from solar, wind, and water could power the entire world in less than 10 years, leading energy experts say. Renewable energy could also be the sole energy source for the world’s heating, cooling, transport, and industries by 2035.

The 100 per cent electrification of society with renewable energy would eliminate air pollution, which kills one in five people every year, and largely solve the climate crisis.

A global energy system powered by 100 per cent renewable energy (100 per cent RE) is not only possible but also has the potential to “save money, create jobs and wealth, save lives, and get humanity ahead of the curve to prevent runaway climate change,” said Tony Seba, CEO of think tank RethinkX, and one of the authors of a declaration by the Global 100% RE Strategy Group.

Experts say the potential for rapid transformation of the world’s energy system has a parallel in the speed with which cars replaced horses in the 1900s.

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