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LC Computer Sc. Teacher Professional Learning Online Courses

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LC Computer Sc. Teacher Professional Learning Online Courses

CSINC is proud to announce that we have 20 professional learning sessions, now available online for anyone that is interested in using them, they cover many LCCS topics, but may be of value for other areas too! Each session is around 1-2 hours, where we provide the recordings, the code and any drawings etc from the sessions so you can watch them in your own time at your own pace!

These are completely free and already available to those who are signed up to CSLINC (our TY course platform where you will find the Teacher PD module with all of the sessions).

If you have not signed up to  CSLINC  but would like to avail of these sessions, please fill out the below form.

Form to register: Click here ...

Teacher Professional Learning Sessions now available available:

1) Python - Variables

2) Python - Conditionals

3) Python - Loops

4) Python - Lists

5) Analytics - CSV


7) Microbit Analytics

8) Functions and Recursion

9) HTML - JavaScript

10) Databases CSV Python

12) JavaScript Firebase

14) Sorting and Searching

15) Testing

17) Machine Learning + Artificial Intelligence

18) Relational Databases

19) Firebase Database

20) Modelling

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