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Computer Science courses and teaching material

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Computer Science Courses and Teaching Material


We’re delighted to announce that registration for CS_LINC has now opened for the 2023/24 academic year.  Last year we had over 10,000 students registered on the system! 

The system is still 100% free and always will be!! More information can be found here. This can be used online, in person, in any format that suits your school! Every student who passes a module will get a certificate of completion (this is also now automatically generated and is available to teachers and students as soon as they pass the assessment, which is automatically generated!).


All those who enrol there will be a CPD session on how to use the system on the week of the 18th of September!

We are so sorry about the delay in getting this to you all, we are migrating systems (currently the process is semi-automated) to improve and fully automate the registration process. Currently our website and booking system is down, but we have a temp fix (that is secure and GDPR compliant) to get you all registered!!! 

Within our registration portal, you can now register your school, students and teachers for free-of-charge access to Computer Science modules. Once you have registered, the CS_LINC team will create learning profiles for your classes and students.  


Please note: You will gain access to your registered CS_LINC modules from the week of September 18th.  Register by 15th to be enrolled by then, from then on, we will register as they come in in 2-3 days (much faster than last year and with the next system upgrade this will be instant or almost instant!!!) 


How to Register:  

Please use this link to register you and your students for CSLINC. When registering your classes, you can select which CS_LINC modules you’d like to enrol for. The following modules are available for the 2023/34 academic year (many more than last year and one module in Irish (with more to come online!): 


  • Astro Pi with ESERO
  • BBC Micro:bit(CSinc)
  • Computational Thinking (Maynooth University - PACT)
    · Computer Systems (Dell)
    · Design and Make a Micro:Bit Satellite (ESERO, CSinc, and the Blackrock Observatory) 
    · HTML and CSS (CSinc) 
    · Machine Learning and AI (CSinc, UCD, ML Labs and Huawei) 
    · Makecode Arcade (Microsoft Ireland Dreamspace) 
    · Python (CSinc) 
  • Python as Gaeilge (CSinc)
    · STEM with a Micro:BitSatellite (ESERO and the Blackrock Observatory)  
  • Cybersecurity (Fidelity Investments)
  • PytchCoding (Trinity College Dublin)
  • BJC - The Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC Berkeley, CSinc, University of Limerick and LERO)


If you have any additional queries or want to find out what is in each module (as the CSinc site is down), please contact us at [email protected] 

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