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Computational Thinking

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What is Computational Thinking? - One of the exciting things about learning Computer science is that you learn a new and fundamental way of thinking and problem solving; a way of thinking that is critical in the 21st Century. It is called "Computational Thinking" and the idea that this is one of the big advantages of studying computer science, whatever your ultimate career, is causing a big stir. Some are even claiming it should be added to reading, writing and arithmetic as a core ability that every person should learn.

If you want to command a computer, then you have to speak and think like it. That’s called computational thinking, and it requires multiple skills.

On the one hand, you need to learn how to analyze problems, break them down, and look for computer friendly solutions. This examining usually involves both processes and data, expressed through diagrams. Such steps really make your mind work hard and in different ways, as you need to show an important level of abstraction to know what’s relevant, how subsystems are connected, and what flows of information are included.

On the other hand, you need to design problem solving strategies. For example, if you want to make up a way to win at tic-tac-toe game, you’ll need to squeeze your mind to find out the best possible strategy. The result will be an algorithm, which is a set of instructions based on sequences, repetitions and conditions. Knowing how to design an algorithm is not just a Computer Science task. We use them intuitively in our daily lives all the time. This means that through coding you can enhance your life, starting to be conscious of your actions, their results and the changes needed; that is, you develop mindfulness.


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