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The Challenges to Technology in Education

When we talk about technology for education we do come across numerous online platforms offering courses, platforms from which we can learn anything we desire to.

But if we look closely, educational institutions are latecomers if technology has to be introduced in the most important room of a student’s life ‘The Classrooms’. Things are not happening as well as they should. There comes a lot of challenges when we try to mix technology in classrooms. Teachers are trying to embrace the use of technology but are not able to use it effectively. A study of the use of ICT in the teaching – learning process in secondary and senior secondary schools of a district of Punjab, one of the most economically prosperous states of India resulted in:

  •       In 75% schools teachers use ICT for maintain records and for preparing question papers.
  •       38% of schools use ICT for academic planning, content transaction and project work.
  •       In 37% of all the schools, less than 40% teachers are motivated to use ICT in teaching- learning process.
  •       In 26% of the schools none of the teachers were motivated to integrate technology in their classrooms.

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