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Android voice-to-text apps

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Android voice-to-text appsjoy of android


Even if you are a visual person and actually like to write your thoughts down, you can’t deny the allure of the time savings speech dictation can bring. And after using these apps, you may never use pen and paper again. If you are the creative type who just hates to sit at your desk and write or type, your solution is in this article. Inspiration doesn’t always happen at your desk, either, and while your Android can help you capture these ideas on the go. Who enjoys typing on their phone, anyway?

Furthermore, if you are dyslexic, writing can seem a cumbersome chore, but it no longer has to. Even if you just have bad handwriting, and/or are slow at typing, speech to text apps make these problems a non-issue. Not all voice recognition apps are equal though—especially if you have a quiet voice or an accent. So which Android voice-to-text apps are the most accurate and have the best features?

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