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An interactive time line of History

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An interactive time line of History

Histography is an excellent interactive timeline that spans the history of humankind from the Big Bang to 2015. All historical content embedded in this timeline has been drawn from Wikipedia and is self-updated on a daily basis. Historical events are represented by dots and placed on a chronological order. Hovering your mouse over any dot will bring up an informational box with more details on the event. Among the things included in the description of each event are : videos (if available), a link to wiki page where you can read more on the event, and a link for related events.


Content on Histography is organized into different categories such as: Literature, music, politics, riots, women rights, disasters, art and many more. You can also browse this interactive timeline by era (e.g. industrial age, information age, age of mammals, bronze age, iron age…etc.’ The viewer can choose to watch a variety of events which have happened in a particular period or to target a specific event in time. For example you can look at the past century within the categories of war and inventions. Hisrography was created as a final project in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Guided by Ronel Mor’.

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