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A Guide to Using Zoom for Teachers

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A Guide to Using Zoom for TeachersEducational Tech and mobile learning

As schools reopen teachers everywhere will be hoping that closures will not happen again. However, in these very uncertain times schools may have to close again or even have curtailed weeks with students in for  few days. While everybody hopes this will not happen as professionals we must be prepared for the eventuality - we may again have to do online teaching. This article gives a very good starting point in understanding how to make the most of Zoom.

Zoom seems to be leading the current video conferencing revolution with more and more users drawing on its services to connect, work, and socialise.  Zoom is also popular among the education community and several teachers and educators around the globe are using it for both teaching and professional development purposes. If you are new to video conferencing services and have not yet decided on what platform to use, you may want to check this guide to help you out. It compares the features of four different video conferencing tools namely: Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

If your choice lands on Zoom and you want to incorporate it in your teaching/learning, here is a collection of video tutorials compiled from Zoom's YouTube Channel to help you better understand how to effectively use it in your teaching.

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