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Guides for Teachers Using or intending to Use iPads with Students

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Guides for Teachers Using or intending to Use iPads with StudentsEducational Tech and mobile learning

iPad, as some argue, is leading a silent but radical revolution in the world of education. It is now being embraced by a budding host of schools as the official learning device in the classroom and though we are still in the embryonic stages of the integration of this device in instruction, yet the first results coming out 1:1 programs using iPad are promising.


You might be already using iPad with your students or may be thinking about using it in the future, but wherever you are in this "iPadded revolution ", make sure you tap into the full educational potential of this versatile gadget . In this same vein, and to help you better make informed decisions on the whats, hows and whys behind your use of iPad in your teaching, I am sharing with you some excellent book apps I have recently downloaded. These could be something you would want to read in the coming Christmas break. Enjoy

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