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Why do journalism?

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Why do journalism?

Do you have views or opinions on the world we live in today? Do you feel the need to embrace your creative spirit and fuel you inquiring mind?
Do you think that through writing, TV, radio and photography you can explain to an audience the important things about world events or about what is happening in your community?
Do you want to learn how to this in 140 characters, anything from 50 to a 1,000 words, in a TV or radio sound bite or maybe a longer documentary? Do you think you can ask the right questions in a live interview? Do you want to learn how to write a headline on a web page, those five to ten first words that would make people read your article, watch your film or look at your photograph?
These are just some of the skills you learn in a journalism degree.
This is the challenge of a career in journalism today. A degree in journalism and media communication prepares you to work in not just the legacy media of radio, TV print but also social media, web design, creating and curating web content.

Journalism is changing

The media and communications sector is in a long term cycle of fundamental change with new technologies and new media platforms and content creators emerging.
This is an exciting time to be a journalist and to study journalism. The traditional distinctions between print, radio and TV have collapsed and graduates can now work in media where they are creating content across a range of platforms.
Journalists and media workers today are in a unique position where they are not only commenting, reporting and investigating on local and international events. They are shaping the world you live in.
At Griffith, you learn by doing. There is a lot of reading and thinking to be done. There is also the chance to run your radio station, produce a magazine in print and online, to design your websites, making TV documentaries and make photographic pieces that will be noticed.

Our graduates

In Griffith graduates of our programmes are working in RTE radio and television, Today FM, Newstalk, The Irish Independent, Star, Daily Mail, Sun, Mirror, TV3, UTV Ireland and a range of other news, sport and entertainment websites and media companies including Google and Facebook.
We have had students start their own businesses, write novels and non-fiction books on crime and history. Some work in PR, marketing, photography and film making.

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