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What Works in Education

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What Works in Education

Plus, How to Improve Classroom Behavior Without Public Shaming 
George Lucas Educational Foundation
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Why Kids Should Nature Journal at All Grade Levels

A 2023 review makes a strong case that hands-on observation of natural phenomena has both academic and psychological benefits.


How to Improve Classroom Behavior Without Public Shaming

Instead of clip charts and data walls, try these classroom management techniques to discourage misbehavior and build a stronger classroom community.


Using Learning Progressions to Build Student Confidence

Scaffolding assignments provides clear checkpoints for students, allowing them to feel successful at acquiring new skills.


Question: What’s Your Solution to Students Losing Focus?

Summer is around the corner. Learn from other educators and share what works for you.


Here’s What the Science of Reading Looks Like in My High School Classroom

Teachers can design lessons around these five components to deepen student understanding of and engagement with reading material.


OctoStudio Teaches Children to Code by Tinkering

Giving children projects with low floors, high ceilings, and wide walls allows them to creatively explore the world around them.


Using Classroom Technology Less so Students Interact More

Building new pedagogical habits can help teachers move away from screens and toward other ways of teaching and learning.


60-Second Strategy: Heat Warm-Ups

Differentiated levels of ‘heat’ for these math worksheets mean every student starts class feeling both challenged and accomplished.


Slowing Down the Reading Process to Build Students’ Comprehension Skills

Slow reading gives students time to deeply engage with texts and gather their thoughts about the content.


Using Setbacks as a Path to Success in Teaching

Things often don’t go as planned in the classroom—here’s a systematic way to turn these moments into opportunities for growth.

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