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What are the Tech Skills for the Future?

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What are the Tech Skills for the Future?Tech Central


There is no doubt that demand for the technologically skilled will only increase in upcoming years, as practically every company becomes a software-driven enterprise. A survey by the jobs site Monster found that in the UK, jobs in the digital sector have multiplied at more than twice the rate of non-digital tech sectors, and are predicted to grow by 20% in the next decade. Given the international nature of the IT sector, the broad demands are likely to be paralleled elsewhere.

However, which skills will be particularly in demand? Can CIOs and other tech industry stalwarts future-proof their work by picking up certain skills?

While it is unlikely that the IT skills demanded by the jobs market today will become redundant within our lifetimes, the field is constantly evolving, and there are certainly growth areas on the horizon that IT professionals would do well to educate themselves in.

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