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ICT Skills Specialists - hard to find

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ICT Skills Specialists - hard to find

A recent Eurostat survey looked at some of the main obstacles small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs) and larger companies encounter in recruiting information and communication technology (ICT) professionals - and how this has impacted economic growth and state-of-play in the labour market. Survey results point to an adverse trend: 55% of companies experienced difficulties in recruiting ICT specialists over the course of 2019. In addition, SMEs struggled more often in filling ICT vacancies. However, reasons such as lack of applications, lack of relevant qualifications and higher salary expectations were shared by both SMEs and their larger counterparts alike. These trends impacted employment, leading to a more complex or unsuccessful recruitment process.

These developments not only have the potential to affect the competitiveness of EU Member States - they also impact directly European ability to reach the target of 20 million ICT specialists in the EU by 2030, put forward in the European Commission's Digital Decade Communication.

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