Using Blogs in Class

Setting up a class virtual space in the cloud is an indispensable task for today’s teachers. This space can preferably be a website, a blog, or a wiki or, if possible, all of them. The educational benefits of having such a space for students include:

  • Improve students writing skills through posting and commenting
  • Helps students have a voice
  • Promote the notion of independent and personalized learning
  • Promote a spirit of collaboration among students
  • Engage parents in the learning taking place in the classroom
  • Connect with students from other schools and exchange with them learning experiences.

As for teachers, they can use these class virtual spaces to :

  • Post assignments and homework to students
  • Upload documents and other learning materials to students
  • Post classroom announcements, important dates, event calendars…etc
  • Create portfolios to document students learning

As for the blogging platforms, below are some of the best places you can use to host your class blog:

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