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UL’s Cooperative Education & Careers Division Launch First Leanings Toolkit

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First Leanings ToolkitUL

UL’s Cooperative Education & Careers Division Launch First Leanings Toolkit - launch of First Leanings, a career development toolkit for transitional year students.
The toolkit was developed by the UL’s Cooperative Education & Careers Division and the purpose of First Leanings is to empower second level students to make more effective choices about their future education and careers.

“As early as Transition year, students are expected to make big decisions about their future education and careers. So it is hugely important that students have the knowledge and self-awareness that will allow them to make effective choices” according to Professor Paul McCutcheon, Vice President of the University of Limerick at the Institute of Guidance Counsellors’ conference.

Professor McCutcheon added, “Successful transitioning from second level to third level education is a high priority for the higher education sector as a whole and UL is delighted to be able to play a central role in supporting TY students in preparing for this transition”.

The toolkit will be used by guidance counsellors and TY co-ordinators to support students in identifying their interests, abilities and preferences and in developing knowledge of subject choice and higher education course offerings. The interactive tool will also help students to prepare for the reality of the world of work. In doing so, it should help students in making the challenge of transitioning from secondary to third.

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