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The Importance of an Honours Degree

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One of the most important pieces of advice we can give to Leaving Cert students in our practice is “whatever you do, get a good solid Honours Degree. At least then, you will have a meaningful qualification from which you can launch your career”.

The experience of being away at college for three to four years is very valuable and in some cases, more valuable than the education itself. The college experience has allowed the young adult to mature and has moulded the individual to a large extent. From this position we find that they are in a much better place to make career decisions.

In many cases, though not in all, I feel that unless young school leavers come to their sense of destiny at a young age, it’s only when the students graduate from their degree that they are in a position to make realistic career choices.

“If a second level student is unsure about which career path to take, completing a broad degree such as a BA can be a very worthwhile step along the career path”

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