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Study Space at Home

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Study Space at Home

Where to study at home is a constant problem for students of all ages. Homes can be busy, noisy places full of distractions. There are several problem facing the student trying to get some serious study done and sometimes the problems come to light too late.

These 10 pieces of advice is directed to University students but the principals apply to anyone struggling with household distractions.

1. Create Privacy

Creating a designated distraction-free zone is key to a productive work environment. Whenever possible, your study space should just be used for studying. Making it a designated study area will preserve its association with learning.

When studying, the phone can be the biggest source of distraction, affecting your focus and time management. Turn off the phone, silence it, or switch it to airplane mode. While easier said than done, switching it off can be mentally liberating. Unless you’re expecting an important call, do it whenever you sit down to study.

2. Get Good Lighting

Humans love natural light. It can make or break a space, as anyone who’s worked under fluorescents for nine hours a day knows. Even a little reflected natural light can bring warmth and vitality to a room, which are necessary for making a productive study space. Try setting up a small desk or table near a window that would allow for natural light to filter in during study time. Natural light is healthy for you physically and emotionally.

Eye strain can occur if you try to read or focus on a computer screen for too long in a dimly lit area. Regular room lights may not be enough to support good vision hygiene for extended periods of study. Make sure that your learning area has plenty of light. For reading, it can be effective to have the light behind you, going over your shoulder to illuminate your textbook. For your desk, position the base of lamp shades at chin level, so the source is always out of view.

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