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Student Stress, Peer Counsellors And More!

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Student Stress, Peer Counsellors And More!

L-Notes: Ideas for Guidance Counsellors and Teachers
by Brian Lennon, Guidance Counsellor

Lots of practical ideas you never learned in college!

  • Aiding the transition from primary to secondary
  • Practical aspects of testing
  • Lots of ways to help the marginalised
  • Fleshing out the whole-school guidance role
  • Theories to help you understand young people better
  • Simple ideas on improving students’ leisure involvement
  • Suggestions that will help you raise the GC profile in your school
  • Written by a guidance counsellor for guidance counsellors
  • Material to share with students, teachers, parents
  • A book to challenge and to inspire change
  • 220 pages of personal CPD!

Brian is a Fellow of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors with over 25 years of experience as a guidance counsellor.  Author of “The Career Handbook”, creator of “QualifaX” and other resources.  He has presented at countless IGC conferences and branch meetings.

“L-Notes” is available from as a paperback (£10) or ebook (£6).

“L-Notes” (meaning “Learning Notes”) is a series of almost forty articles on a variety of aspects of the work of a guidance counsellor.  In our training we learn about counselling and guidance but this book offers many ideas on fleshing out the role across different aspects of school life, the complete age-span of our student population and the diversity of roles we have in a school.  There is a big emphasis on preventative and developmental activities, ways to improve the life of young people and to extend your own work throughout the school.

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