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Replace Information Overload with Microlearning

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How Microlearning Combats Information OverloadEdtech

We live in the age of information. Unlike two or three decades ago, information is readily available to the masses today at the click of a button, a tap on their screens or even a spoken voice command. While our forerunners had problems with non-availability of information, we struggle with too much information; more than our brains can handle. We’re moving at such a pace that every day, there are new technologies to navigate, new processes to engineer and adopt and entirely new conversations that need to happen. The amount of information being almost infinite, and the limited human capability has a hard time processing this information thrown at it, which presents a problem known as ‘information overload’.

What this means is that the more information a learner is exposed to, the less well they are able to retain it. In trying to cram more concepts into your brain, you end up with an incomplete soup of all of those concepts, which serves no purpose and leaves you confused. This information overload is the present day plague troubling learners, which results in skill or knowledge gaps. So what do we do in such a predicament? Fortunately, experts in the field of Learning and Development have a solution. It’s called microlearning.

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