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What Is Microlearning?

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What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning deals with short-term learning activities and small learning units. It is all about providing eLearning in short time bursts with engaging training material. Put simply, microlearning breaks the entire training material down into short and easily understandable components that tackle a single objective of learning. It makes it easier for learners to attain the information they need at their convenience.

The content of microlearning can be in several forms, i.e., texts, videos, images, audio, games, tests, and quizzes. But it should always be short and simple. One of the major advantages of microlearning is that it allows learners to learn a new skill and apply it immediately without disrupting their workflow.

However, convenience isn’t the only thing that microlearning offers. The reason why it is so popular and effective is it’s designed intentionally to support the process of storing information in our brain.

So, what is the science behind microlearning?

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