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Put Integrate Media Literacy into your teaching

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Put Integrate Media Literacy into your teaching


With the pervasive spread of the Internet and web technologies, digital media consumption and production practises have acquired new critical dimensions. There is a massive exposure to all types of media content (text, images, video, and audio) and people, more than anytime in the history of humankind, are actively engaged in consuming, producing  and sharing  different forms of knowledge from the trivial to the arcane academic.

The nature of the medium through which a message is communicated is just as important as the message itself. Marshal  McLuhan  once stated that ‘the medium is the message’. This is actually one of the major themes in the works of several cultural and media critics (e.g., Sherry Turkle, Nicholas Carr, Mark Bauerlein, Andrew Keen, to mention a few) who argue that digital media have the power to shape our cognitive capacities in profound and transformative  ways.

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