The study of Psychology looks to understand the human mind; how we think, behave, interact, feel and relate to the world around us. In order to grasp the subject to any degree one must DBSundertake a substantial amount of reading and research, and curiosity is really the driving factor if you want to enjoy working in this field. If you have the motivation, passion and interest to learn about what makes human beings tick, then the Diploma in Psychology at DBS is a great starting point for anyone.

Course Structure

The Diploma in Psychology is a one year part-time course, which allows learners to complete three core modules within the BA (Hons) in Psychology degree in DBS. These are; Psychological Foundations, Foundations in Social Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. Upon completion of the year, students can choose to either exit the programme with a Diploma qualification or continue as a part-time psychology learner.

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