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English and Psychology at ATU

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English and Psychology at ATU

Accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)

Studying English and Psychology offers a blend of skills and insights that are both versatile and valuable in many contexts. The BA (Hons) in English and Psychology at Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Sligo enables students to think critically and acquire a deep understanding of the human condition and human behaviour through the study of English and Psychology.

This undergraduate degree is the first at ATU to be accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), which ensures that the Psychology strand of the programme meets the highest standards for undergraduate, pre-professional education and training in Psychology.

Studying English and Psychology at ATU offers a combination of benefits, including career versatility, critical and analytical thinking, enhanced communication and empathy, as well as providing a holistic understanding of the human experience and behaviour.

The transferable skills, knowledge, and understanding acquired on the programme are highly relevant and sought after by a wide variety of industry employers and postgraduate educational programmes. The degree is delivered by a teaching staff who are active researchers, clinicians, writers, and practitioners.

Graduates from an English and Psychology degree at ATU are highly sought after, the programme combination offers diverse career paths in academic, education, communications, media, marketing, advertising, research, counselling, writing and advocacy.

These career paths leverage the strong analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills developed through studying English and Psychology, making graduates valuable in various professional settings.

ATU English and Psychology graduates such as Deborah Doherty enjoyed the variety of modules that were covered in both disciplines, these modules often complimented each other in terms of critiquing and analysing literature. The fact that this programme was a Joint Honours degree rather than a degree consisting of studying a major subject over another really appealed to Deborah. After completing the English and Psychology degree, Deborah completed a Higher Diploma Psychology Conversion at University of Galway, she then graduated with a Master of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology at Queens University Belfast and is currently completing a Masters by Research (MRes) at ATU Sligo.

Graduates such as Deborah welcome the PSI accreditation and recognition, this is a ringing endorsement of the programme and its academic integrity.

Dr. Breda McTaggart, Head of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences at ATU Sligo, stated that the PSI's endorsement is a testament to the quality of the award and the students' learning experience and achievement. This endorsement enhances students' career profiles and prepares them to enter the field of psychology. This achievement was made possible through the commitment of students, academics, and the wider ATU community.

Studying English and Psychology at ATU equips learners with a rich set of skills and knowledge, fostering both personal growth and professional success. If you are considering you’re CAO ‘Change-of-Mind’ options, explore the BA(Hons) in English and Psychology at ATU

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