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Powerpoint Templates and Infographics

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Powerpoint Templates and InfographicsEducational Tech and mobile learning

Slidesgo also offers a special collection of Google Slides and PowerPoint templates for teachers and students. As a teacher, you can use these creative visual designs for various purposes including to present abstract concepts in simple ways, to clarify hard-to-grasp topics, to simplify complex processes, to provide step by step tutorials, and many more.

Slidesgo Templates

Slidesgo library embeds tons of professionally designed templates. You can use the search box in the homepage to type in a query or you can use the provided tags to quickly find relevant templates. Tags include Recent, Popular, Education, Business, Marketing, Medical, Multi-purpose, and Infographics. Click on any tag to access the collection of templates it contains. You can further narrow down your search by color, style, license, subject, and formats.

Slidesgo Infographics

In the Slidesgo Infographics section, you will have access to predesigned and customizable templates for creating timelines, charts (including Bar and Gantt), diagrams, mind maps, calendars, roadmaps, language learning infographics and many more.
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