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How to Pass a Skype Interview

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How to Pass a Skype Interview

The world is getting smaller with each technological development. There’s a number of devices and a wealth of software that enable us to conduct business, communicate, and engage with one another over vast distances at the touch of a button.

A great example of this is Skype, the video chat and voice call service. Skype allows you to call contacts using your laptop, tablet or smartphone and talk to them face to face – well, nearly. As long as you and your contact both have webcams, you can cast your face, and voice, straight over to their computer. This is fantastic for all sorts of communication – but the form we’re particularly interested in today is Skype-based job interviews.

The ability to interview for a job using Skype (or any video call service, for that matter) is a wonderful revolution for anyone who can’t physically make it to a face to face interview due to time restraints or distance. It might be that you live hundreds of miles away and are seeking a change of scenery, for example, or you may only be able to interview out of work hours. Whatever the reason, a video interview can be just as nerve-wracking as a face to face interview, and therefore deserves just as much preparation and forethought.

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