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Things Never to Say at a Job Interview

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Things Never to Say at a Job Interview

Here are 25 things you shouldn’t say during an interview, and why not to say them.

  • I really hate my job. (are you going to hate this job if they hire you?)
  • I have a holiday planned in a few weeks. (wait to ask for time-off until you have a job offer)
  • My boss is the worst boss ever. (are you going to say that about your new boss if things don’t work out?)
  • My current company is awful. (are you going to say that about the new company?)
  • How much does this job pay? (let the employer bring up money first)
  • When do I get a holiday? (don’t ask about benefits until you’re offered the job)
  • Can you give me taxi fare to get home? (figure out your transportation ahead of time)
  • Do you mind if I take this call? (your phone should be turned off before you head into the interview)
  • I really need this job. (you don’t want to come across as desperate)
  • I don’t have all the experience you need, but I’m a quick learner. (let the interviewer figure out if you’re qualified and focus on the skills that you do have)
  • I don’t know. (here’s how to respond when you don’t have an answer)
  • It’s on my resume. (yes, it is, but the interviewer wants to hear it from you)
  • I have an appointment, is this going to be over soon? (give yourself plenty of time to interview and be aware the interview could run longer than you planned)
  • Sorry, I’m late. (don’t be unless you have an emergency)
  • Profanity or swear words. (keep it professional and polite)
  • What’s the policy on dating co-workers? (this is about work, not your love life)
  • Do you have Friday Happy Hours or is there an open bar at holiday parties? (booze and job interviews don’t mix)
  • I don’t have child care lined up, but I’m working on it. (you don’t want to give the interviewer any reason to think that you won’t have the availability that’s needed by the company)

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