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OECD Education and Skills


What does child empowerment mean today?

Young child with flying goggles, arms outstretched with cardboard wings

What Does Child Empowerment Mean Today? Implications for Education and Well-being examines children's emotional well-being and physical activity, and the role of schools as a physical space to create and support relationships. It also underlines the untapped potential of media education when it comes to seizing opportunities in childhood.

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Students and digital devices:  Too much of a distraction or the secret to success? 

Child's face overlain with images from a computer screen

These briefs look at the use of digital devices in schools and the concerns on their impact on children’s learning, development and well-being.

Managing screen time: How to protect and equip students against distraction
Students, digital devices and success

Recent education working papers and education policy perspectives


OECD education and skills webinar series

Girl wearing blue headphones working in front of large screen

Recent webinars include:

  • Ask an expert: How can education support child empowerment?

  • Digital devices in schools: Detrimental distraction or secret to success?

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Get global perspectives on education and skills by reading our OECD Education and Skills Today blogs

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How to make teachers take bullying seriously

Bullying is an urgent issue in many schools and crucial steps need to be taken to address it. In this episode of Top Class, Professor James O’Higgins Norman, the UNESCO Chair on Bullying and Cyberbullying, highlights a common but flawed response from teachers: “I haven’t seen it therefore it doesn’t exist.”

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