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New partnership widens access and diversity in Software Developer and Network Engineering roles

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New partnership between FIT and J.P. Morgan widens access and diversity in Software Developer and Network Engineering roles.FIT

New route into Technology Careers gives employers a new talent pipeline of smart people who choose to ‘earn and learn’.

Dublin, July 5th, FIT and J.P. Morgan today announces a new partnership which aims to widen access and support diversity through the tech industry’s fledgling ‘earn and learn’ programme, the FIT ICT Associate Professional. Through the support of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, FIT aims to attract women and men from diverse backgrounds to consider embarking on fulfilling careers in ICT which has an ever growing need for fresh talent.

The FIT ICT Associate Professional programme is aimed at those who have an interest in and a passion for technology.  This is an exciting prospect for young women and men to embark on careers in Software Development and Network Engineering. The dual education nature of the courses – combining college-based learning with work-based training – broadens the choices available to people, particularly those who favour learning by doing. They will gain a qualification that will position them well for a career in a technology role across any sector.

Tech skills are increasingly in-demand as all sectors rely more and more on ICT technologies to carry out their businesses whether they are  multi-nationals, SME’s or public sector bodies. An issue causing growing concern for employers in Europe and the US is how to attract and develop the tech talent they need. Ireland faces the same dilemma and new job openings are set to top 10,000 additional jobs per annum in the coming years. It is then perhaps, no surprise that the tech sector and other sectors needing ICT skills, are embracing the new ICT Associate Professional initiative with over 100 employers  already engaged as sponsors of the 150 participants who have joined the programme to date. FIT and J.P. Morgan believe that the ICT Associate Professional and similar dual education initiatives can provide a pathway into tech sector jobs which can  widen access, encourage diversity and enable  the participation of new streams of talented people. The partnership aims to improve awareness and interest in tech careers amongst unemployed jobseekers and to students in second-level schools, especially DEIS schools, and to encourage them to consider such ‘learn and earn’ programmes. In tandem FIT will provide access supports to applicants, such as guidance, assessment and interview skills and ongoing mentoring throughout the programme.


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