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MIC launches a new unique B.Sc in Psychology

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MIC launches a new unique B. Sc in PsychologyMIC

Mary Immaculate College (MIC) is delighted to announce the launch of a new Bachelor of Science in Psychology (B SC in Psychology) for student in-take in September 2022.

This unique four-year, full-time honours degree Level 8 (CAO Code: MI003) programme will provide students with a comprehensive undergraduate education in psychology and includes learning in the workplace. The programme content is wide and varied and will prepare graduates for a range of careers while giving them the necessary psychological knowledge to pursue postgraduate studies in psychology.

According to Dr John Perry, Head of Department of Psychology at MIC; ‘The spring semester of Year 2 and the autumn semester of Year 3 are spent studying organisational psychology in practice. This means continuing to study psychology, but in a more hands-on way. This blend of scientific theory and real-world application, which is unique to the B Sc in Psychology at MIC, gives students a chance to develop incredibly valuable critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. Research is also included throughout every year of the programme, as we encourage students to aspire to be the creators, rather than merely consumers of knowledge.’

Dr Perry adds that this innovative approach to learning creates an opportunity to apply knowledge from the first part of the programme and develop a new perspective that will enhance skills and learning for the latter part of the programme. The psychology in practice placements will be organised and supervised by the Department of Psychology at MIC and will be in settings ranging from business, educational, sports, health and charity organisations.

The B Sc in Psychology will adopt a wide range of approaches to the delivery of the programme in order to maximise the skills students can develop. These will include learning individually and as a team. Many modules will include lectures and small group tutorials, some include significant laboratory time, and some adapt a more problem-based learning approach. A range of topics and modules are covered on the programme including personality and individual differences, cognitive psychology, biopsychology, social psychology, developmental psychology and research methods.

Speaking about the potential opportunities available to graduates of the B Sc in Psychology Dr Perry says; ‘Psychology graduates enjoy some of the best career opportunities and can expect to be employable across a variety of sectors. As a graduate of this programme, you will be prepared for successfully entering the 21st-century workplace. You will have developed important cognitive skills, such as analytical and critical thinking, creativity and decision making. You will strengthen your communication, both oral and written. You will enhance your digital skills and social skills, including working collaboratively. Most importantly, you will develop personally, gaining a greater understanding of yourself and others.’


While many graduates will use their newly-developed skills to access the workplace, some will go on to study at postgraduate level and work as a psychologist in areas such as clinical, educational, coaching, counselling, forensic, health, academia, neuropsychology, work/organisational, or sport psychology. The understanding of people, and development of inherently useful skills, also makes careers in healthcare, communications and marketing, human resourcing and development, management, and data analysis accessible options for graduates.

Attend MIC’s Virtual Open Day on 27 October to learn more about the B Sc in Psychology at MIC.






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