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LawEd new eLearning course

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LawEd new eLearning courseLawEd

I would like to infirm you of LawEd’s brand new eLearning course, specifically tailored to Junior Cycle students.


Within this virtual workshop, we have made sure to include vital information that students can utilise, such as the workings of the Irish legal system and the law, the difference between criminal law and civil law, the legal rights and responsibilities of young people right through to the importance of consent and how to identify a healthy relationship.


This course can be taught in conjunction with the wellbeing programme curriculum for junior cycle students, as we incorporate RSE, SPHE and CSPE into The Law & You as we feel it is a vital component to a student’s learning and development.


All further information can be found within our brochure, which I will attach below. If there are any further queries or questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] , or find all our social media links on our website

The Law & You Brochure -

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