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Join the fight against cyberbullying

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Join the fight against cyberbullying


Bullying is one of the most concerning things your child can experience. With the advancement of technology and almost everything done online, cyberbullying has become parents and their children’s worst nightmares.

The worst part of it all isn’t the act of bullying but the long-term effect it will cause—imagine a child questioning their self-worth, crying out of self-pity, and believing that there’s something wrong with them.

Not only in the long-term psychological effects but also in the child’s safety. Child predators and online sexual harassment can also be tied to cyberbullying in the case of blackmail.

Over the past decades, the number of cases related to cyberbullying hasn’t gotten any better. Every day, the numbers add up. Worse, some of these cyberbullying victims ended up taking their own lives.

Saving your child from cyberbullying and teaching them how to handle such situations is such an overlooked matter. Even schools don’t have much power to stop such things. However, for parents or guardians to be able to help their children, we should first identify the most likely way a child can be bullied online.

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