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Interactive Digital Media - Griffith College

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Interactive Digital Media - Griffith CollegeGriffith College

Interactive Digital Media is fast becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. From networking and job-hunting to learning, communicating and consuming advertising, digital media is at the core of all almost everything we do. If you have a love of content, computing and design, you might be considering a digital media course in Dublin

What is interactive digital media?

Interactive digital media, also referred to as interactive multimedia or applied digital media, is any computer-generated platform that combines different types of media including text, sound, video, computer graphics and animation.

What are some examples of digital interactive media?

  • Websites – All websites combine text, visuals and graphics to deliver information or provide an online service
  • Social networking sites – Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram use multimedia to allow users to interact, share photos and content and play games
  • Video games – Players interact with each other via computer-generated programmes that use visual and audio media
  • Apps – All apps on your smartphone or computer device use interactive media to perform a specific function e.g. a game, booking platform or weather app
  • Virtual Reality – Uses different types of media to create a fully immersive digital world

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