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How to choose the RIGHT course for YOU

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How to choose the RIGHT course for YOU

Lighthouse Career Guidance

Taking the time to get to know yourself is the first step when deciding what to do after the Leaving Cert. Choosing a career path is a very personal decision, so go for something that you’ll enjoy.  That way you’ll be motivated to work at it.

  1. Play to your Strengths

Ask yourself: What do I like doing? What am I good at? Think about what subjects you enjoy at school, what you do well in and how you like to learn. Equally revealing might be: What do I dislike? What do I find difficult? This will help you to avoid ending up on a course you don’t like.

  1. Choose something that aligns with your personal Learning Style

Are you someone who is more comfortable with numbers or words? Do you like writing essays? Do you love maths? Are you more hands-on and practical? Do you love animals or machinery? Are you handy or creative?  Remember the CAO is not the only show in town. Apprenticeships and Traineeships offer much great choice now than in the past.

  1. Interest Tests

Doing a career interest test can help to clarify things. There are many such tests available free online, such as the CPIP on, the MUASIC on or the Careers Quiz on Your hobbies can reveal a lot about you too. For example, if you’re the sporty, outdoorsy type it might make sense to go for a career that requires plenty of movement and activity.

  1. Research

When looking at courses online, look beyond the title. Go to the college website and click onto the modules for each year of a course. Ask yourself: Will I be happy to get out of a warm bed on a cold wet November morning to go into that lecture? Check out if there’s a year abroad option or a work placement built-in. Look into the progression routes for graduates in that field.

  1. Go to Open Days

It’s open day season right now so get out there and ask questions, get a feel for a college and check out the facilities on offer.

  1. Talk to your Guidance Counsellor

Your guidance counsellor can provide advice and guidance based on your unique strengths and interests. To sum up pick something you’re good at and that you know you’ll enjoy. You’re more likely to stay the course that way.

Lighthouse Career Guidance

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