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Historical Discovery from Viking Times

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Historical Discovery from Viking TimesLive Science

Archaeologists using radar scans have detected a Viking ship buried beneath a cemetery in Norway.

The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) said that the archaeologists discovered the anomaly using radar scans of an area in Østfold County. The ship seems to be about 66 feet (20 meters) long and buried about 1.6 feet (50 centimeters) beneath the ground, they said in a statement.

Its keel and floor timbers are intact although precisely how much of the ship is preserved, and when it dates to, are unknown, the archaeologists said.

The ship is part of a cemetery that has the remains of at least seven burial mounds, which are dome-shaped hills of dirt and stones piled on top of a grave, the scans indicate. The remains of five longhouses, where the Vikings would have lived, were also detected near the cemetery.

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