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HEA Statistics Newsletter Quarter 2 2022

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HEA Statistics Newsletter Quarter 2 2022HEA



Read about the latest HEA Statistics!
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HEA Statistics Newsletter Quarter 2 2022

Welcome to the second edition of the HEA Quarterly Statistics Newsletter.

In this issue we will be talking about the newly released An Analysis of Non-Progression in Irish HEIs 2019/20 report, our Research Info-Bytes publications, how to access our website data, and our forthcoming HEA Statistics Roadshows.

We hope you find this newsletter interesting and informative, let us know your feedback, or anything you would like included in future editions, at [email protected]. You can sign up to receive this newsletter direct to your inbox here.

Analysis of Non-Progression Rates in Irish HEIs 2019/20

In April, the HEA published the latest data (2019/20) on non-progression rates in Irish HEIs.  This analysis identifies the overall rate of non-progression of students from their first year into the following academic year and more particularly, enables identification of particular cohorts of students with a high risk of non-progression.

The data reveals that:

  • In 2018/19, the non-progression rate was 12%. In 2019/20, this has dropped to 9%, representing a 3-percentage point improvement in non-progression;
  • Services has the highest non-progression rate, at 16%. This is followed by ICT, at 15%, and Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction at 13%. Education has the lowest non-progression rate, at 3%.
  • Between 2018/19 and 2019/20, Services has seen the largest improvement in their non-progression rate, from 22% in 2018/19, down to 16% in 2019/20.
  • Internationally domiciled students saw an increase in their non-progression rate, from 11% in 2018/19 to 13% in 2019/20. Meanwhile, non-progression rates improved for Irish-domiciled students (12% in 2018/19; 9% in 2019/20).
  • Non-progression rates are highest amongst disadvantaged students (12%), and lowest amongst affluent students (7%). Nonetheless, when comparing like-for-like students, it is evident that differences in Leaving Certificate attainment between disadvantaged and affluent students largely explain these differences.
  • In 2019/20, females had a non-progression rate of 7%, while males had a non-progression rate of 11%. When comparing like-for-like students, the non-progression gap reduces, however it is evident that Leaving Certificate attainment has a role to play in this gender difference.

You can access the detailed findings, along with interactive tables, by clicking on the link below.

Read the non-progression report

The HEA's Senior Statistics Manager, Janice Lau, appeared on Kildare FM to discuss the findings of the report.

Listen back here
Research Info-Bytes

A new series of releases, called Research Info-Bytes, will examine particular areas of interest, giving the reader a quick deep-dive into the range of data available.  The first of these Research Info-Bytes has considered Females in STEM.  

Participation in STEM is low amongst females, and this is evident even prior to third-level education.  Roughly 1 in 3 STEM students are female, while in non-STEM subjects, 62% of all students are female.

You can read the detailed findings in our Research Info-Byte dashboard.

Females in STEM Info-Byte
Did you know...?
... that you can download data on students and graduates direct from our website? If you are interested in students, graduates, or institutions and performance, our new web layout and interactive tables provide a wealth of data on the Irish higher education system.
Access our data
HEA Statistics Roadshows

HEA Statistics is hitting the road (virtually anyway!), by hosting a series of roadshows with higher education institutions over June, July and September. 

Our aim is to ensure that all our colleagues in higher education institutions know:

  • What data is available on our website
  • How and where to access it
  • How to get the most out of it

Attendance is by invitation and if you would like more information, please contact [email protected].

Key deadlines, events and reports

Student Records System Deadline:  The 1 March SRS returns were due in on 31 March 2022.  We'd like to thank the HEIs for the promptest return of data to date, and engagement with the auditing process.  Prompt return of accurate data allows us to publish the latest student and graduate data without delay.

Graduate Outcomes Survey Census Date:  The census date for the 2022 Graduate Outcomes Survey was 31 March 2022 and is the source of all information on the Survey, along with our Twitter @GradSurveyIRL.  Deadline for return of survey data is 2 September 2022.  Anybody with queries on the survey should email [email protected].

Research Info-Bytes:  There are now five Research Info-Bytes available:

View our statistical publications
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