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Food Supply and a Growing Population

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Food Supply and a Growing Population


Faced with this daunting triple challenge, how can food systems work for a growing world population?

We've Got Answers in our new video! Koen Deconinck, Economist/Policy Analyst at the OECD, explains how we can make better policies for food systems. 

We've Got Answers about food systems
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Towards resilient food systems

Food supply chains have been resilient against a wide range of shocks, and international trade plays an important “risk pooling” role. Policies can increase resilience, e.g. by supporting low-income households or by removing supply chain bottlenecks, but some measures like export restrictions exacerbate instability. For truly resilient food systems, however, policy makers must take a broader perspective.

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Implications of supply chain disruptions and policy responses

Sustainable agriculture & food supply chains

Food security and environmental sustainability are two key policy objectives for the agricultural sector. Ministers and senior policy makers met last week during an OECD-organised high-level panel at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture to discuss how we can ‘square the circle’ to achieve sustainable agri-food supply chains that are accessible to all. 

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, 17-20 January 2024
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