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Entering First Year of Post Primary School

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The time is coming for your child to start post primary school. This is an anxious and stressful time for both parent and student – particularly if this is your eldest child.  We spoke to Bernie Murphy, Home School Liaison Co-ordinator at Selskar College Wexford, about this important and often difficult transition period. Following is a summary of what Bernie thinks are the most important things you as parents need to look out for.

You will have received a book list and list of other requirements from the school. Go through it with your child and explain why they might need certain items eg a hard back for science instead of an ordinary copy. Bring your child shopping with you to choose pens pencils etc. This involves them in the preparation process.  Check with your school if they have a book rental scheme or check if you can buy books second hand.  Well worth a try!

The uniform and PE Gear that your child needs will be specified on the list from the school.  Put their names on jumpers, jackets, PE gear etc as they can get mixed up very easily.

As a parent you possibly have to pay a voluntary contribution or book rental fee to the school. Pay this in advance if possible or contact the school to make arrangements to pay in instalments. It reduces the stress and anxiety for your child if they know this is sorted.

Every night for the first term help your child to pack their school bag according to what they need for the next day

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